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Wedding Videography

Capturing Priceless Moments & Memories

+About Us

J&R Videography
Storytellers at Heart.

J&R Videography has nothing but a desire to capture beautiful imagery. Video and photography are what we do and we strive to be perfect in that. We offer professional, easy and affordable packages that are tailored to fit your special day.


I invite you to look at my work and see why J&R videography is your best choice for capturing your special day.

Wedding Day Videos

We offer highlight and full length edits for our videos. No edit? Just take the footage on a hard drive.

+ Our Services

Live-Streaming &Video Editing

Have your wedding live-streamed on Facebook and Youtube! Your virtual guests will see what our cameras see and hear clean audio from our microphones. We also offer editing services for a wide range of events. Wedding videos, Engagements, Slideshows and more!

Sweet 16's, Mitzvahs, Events

We don't just shoot weddings. We provide videography and photography for many other things!


+ Our Portfolio

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Wedding Day Videos

Your wedding will be captured in stunning HD and crafted into a very special cinematic story that you will cherish. ​There's a package for everyone and it can all can be tailored to fit your exact needs. 

  • Highlights and Full Length Edits

  • Catholic, Jewish, Indian Wedding Expertise

  • Professional Videographers

  • Cinematic and Documentary Styles

  • Multiple Videographers For Better Coverage

  • Use of Drones!

Live-Stream & Editing Services

A dedicated editor can create something out of your already shot footage. We can do slideshows, couple interviews, engagement shoots and edits and so much more! These can be shown at your wedding or just something to have for you to enjoy!

Have your wedding live streamed for family that cant make it!  A custom event link can be sent out to family to join on the wedding day. They will see what our cameras see and hear perfect audio from our microphones. Can be for ceremony and reception!

  • Custom live stream link for both ceremony and reception

  • HD video and Audio

  • Family can comment and interact with broadcast!

  • Slideshows/engagement videos shown at reception to guests

  • Cinematic Experience For Your Guests

  • Professional and Fast Delivery